KTN Belgium is proud be certified. This means we uphold quality for all stakeholders.

EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012

isoISO 9001 and VCA are certificates that ensure that KTN can demonstrate that HSE and quality receive the necessary attention, now EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 is a standard that inspection companies can use to demonstrate that they meet expertise and independence, among other things. This standard is an accreditation standard. This indicates that this standard can be used by an accreditation body, in Belgium by BELAC (Belac is the abbreviation of the Belgian Accreditation Body. This body falls under the authority of the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy.), to verify whether the quality system of the inspection service meets the criteria. This can be shown by means of an EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 certificate.

In other words, an extra guarantee for our customers and potential customers that KTN meets this standard.

Accreditation Certificate No. 675-INSP

Scope of accreditation:


Type keuring

Reglementaire voorschriften

Niet destructief onderzoek

Halffabricaten, lasnaden, mechanische onderdelen, apparaten en leidingen

Visueel onderzoek

EN-ISO 17637

EN 13018

ASME BPVC V, article 9

AWS D1.1

API 650

Magnetisch onderzoek

ASME BPVC V, article 7 + article 25

AWS D1.1

EN-ISO 17638

EN 10228-1

Penetrant onderzoek

EN-ISO 3452-1/ -5 /-6

AWS D1.1

ASME BPVC V, article 6 + article 24

EN 10228-2

Ultrasoon onderzoek

ASME BPVC V, article 4 + article 23

ASME Code for Process Piping B31.3

AWS D1.1

EN-ISO 17640


EN 14127

EN-ISO 22825

EN 10160

EN 10228-3 + EN 10228-4

Positive Material Identification (PMI) onderzoek

ASTM E1476


ASTM A1038

Semi-geautomatiseerd ultrasoon onderzoek (TOFD, PA, corrosiescan)

ASME BPVC V, article 4

EN-ISO 22825

EN-ISO 20601

EN-ISO 13588

EN-ISO 10863

EN 17290

EN-ISO 16828


Visueel onderzoek Tankbodemscan (MFL, Slofec, Seescan)

EEMUA 159 en API 653 (Volgens laatste editie tenzij andere externe vereisten)



Visueel onderzoek Ultrasoon onderzoek

API 570 (Volgens laatste editie tenzij andere externe vereisten (klant, constructie code))

Goedkeuring lassers kwalificaties

Permanente verbindingen personeel inclusief drukapparatuur

Goedkeuring (European directive 2014/68/EU PED: Annex I, 3.1.2)

EN ISO 9606-reeks, EN ISO 14732

Permanente verbindingen lasmethode kwalificatie inclusief drukapparatuur

Goedkeuring (European directive 2014/68/EU PED: Annex I, 3.1.2)

NBN EN ISO 15614-reeks

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard that combines all the expertise and know-how in quality management of the last decades in one document. The ISO standard has since grown into a true benchmark for transparency, reliability and quality within any organization. Today ISO 9001 is a well-known concept in almost every sector. The ISO 9001 management standard requires organizations to describe, analyze, measure and continuously improve their processes. As a result, all stakeholders have a better understanding of their role and how they contribute to the success of their organization, which in turn increases internal quality awareness. But that can only be done through a process-based approach.


vcaWhereas in the past the legislator mainly focused the attention of companies on the safety and health of its own employees, the Welfare Act of 4 August 1996 ha broadened the scope to work with third parties. After all, in these situations, clear agreements must be made in order to safeguard the safety, health and well-being of all those involved. The client must ensure that the contractor (the contractor or contractor) takes the necessary preventive measures when carrying out the work. In addition, every client also has the duty to keep out unsafe contractors. How all this is to be done is not stated by the Law. It is up to the client to find the appropriate way for this. One of the options he has is to call on contractors who have a label, attestation or certificate that demonstrates the application of a safety management system. This can then be achieved with a VCA certificate.

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