Phased Array technique

Get your Phased Array technique (PA level 2) training at KTN Belgium.

Phased Array technique (PA level 2)

The Phased Array level 2 course consists of a theoretical part with in-depth knowledge of the Phased Array technique and a practical part focused on:

  • setting up the data collection system for weld examination and corrosion mapping,
  • collecting and storing Phased Array data scans,
  • editing and evaluating collected data,
  • drafting a work instruction suitable for a level 1 person.

The level 2 person may independently carry out, report and assess the test on the basis of a procedure based on an applicable standard.

Training duration — 10 days + 2 days exam

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Recognition by Hobeon SKO not yet acquired, expected end 2021/Q1 2022

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