SLOFEC (Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current) inspections for tanks and pipes.

SLOFEC is an inspection technique which has proven itself on several inspection projects, within the oil and gas industries in Europe, Asia, USA and the Middle East. The technical and economical advantages of the SLOFEC technology are high detection sensitivity, high inspection speed, inspection of thick wall components, inspection through coatings, low object preparation and user friendly colour mapping reports.

The SLOFEC method can be regarded as a fully accepted NDT technique, in an increasing number of industries. Mainly the Oil & Gas industry has realised the advantages of the technique for tankfloor, pipe and vessel inspection.

SLOFEC is a contactless electromagnetic technique and so most competitive to the Magnetic Flux Leackage (MFL) technique.

+ Fast screening method for local metal loss
+ Inspection of thick wall components
+ Inspection through thick coating
+ Higher defect detection sensitivity than MFL
+ Distinction between topside and bottom defects
+ Colored condition mapping
+ Minimum subject preparation
+ Minimum inspection costs
+ Inspection at high temperatures
+ Inspection of galvanised or aluminium protected piping
+ User friendly reports

Corrosional attack in all industries is causing an enormous loss to investment. Enviromental pollution, loss of production and even a risk to health and safety can be the consequence, if corrosional attack isn`t detected in its early stages. Therefore reliable corrosion detection provides early warning to a possible costly incident.

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