Tank Storage Inspection

Inspection, maintenance and repair of above ground flat bottomed storage tanks

Flat bottom storage tanks can be found in on a broad range of locations. Varying from storage terminals to refineries to process industry. We offer services for owners, manufacturers and users.
The assessments are supported by various NDT techniques, including floor scanning, UT, etc. KTN has these services available in house.
Storage tank inspection according EEMUA or API standards includes inspection of the tank shell, floor and roof. NDT methods and techniques used for tank inspection include: ultrasonic testing, magnetic flux leakage, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing and bubble leak/vacuum box testing.
A tank floor scanner using the magnetic flux leakage technique is used for the initial scanning of the tank floor. Detected indications are verified using visual testing and ultrasonic thickness measurements.
Bubble leak/vacuum box testing, supported by magnetic particle or dye penetrant testing, is used for testing the welds in both the tank floor and shell.
The tank shell and roof, both external and internal, can be scanned using a remote access ultrasonic device. This has multiple benefits, of which the biggest is that there is no need for scaffolding. This makes the scanning process faster and decreases down time for the client.
The information from all techniques is combined in the report to create a complete picture of the integrity of the tank.

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