Integrity is at the heart of KTN. The trust that we inspire in our customers and stakeholders is the key to our success as an organisation and as individuals. As leaders in our industry, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of professional behaviour.

Our Code of Integrity is the expression of values which are shared throughout KTN, its various businesses and affiliates. In order to achieve our goals, we aim to attract and retain employees who are passionate about delivering their work with leadership, fairness and honesty. We recognise that we have a responsibility to each other and to our customers to uphold our principles of integrity. We are the custodians of the KTN brand and reputation and we continuously strive to defend the values they represent in the marketplace. We achieve this objective by conducting our business honestly and transparently. As part of this commitment, we encourage an open culture where we can exchange ideas and information, seek advice and raise concerns, without fear of retaliation. This will allow us to serve the interests of our customers in the markets where we choose to operate, provide opportunities to our employees and create sustainable financial returns to our shareholders.

Our Code of Conduct

KTN's Code of Integrity establishes the most important principles for integrity within KTN and expresses the values of our organization and activities.

We are committed to a corporate culture in which issues of integrity and professional conduct can be openly raised and discussed. Employees and other stakeholders are guided and assisted as they act for our organization to ensure they understand the Code of Integrity and make the right decisions when faced with an ethical issue.

KTN's compliance program is based on the integrity code and ensures that activities meet the highest standards and are in accordance with best practices.

The integrity training is given annually to every employee to reflect on the principles of the code. Participation is recorded to ensure that everyone completes the training every year. Special integrity training sessions for executives are also organized.

The annual integrity training is supplemented by an e-learning program in which the general principles of the code are applied to the various KTN activities. Available through Phronesys and also used for training, especially when introducing new employees.

KTN Board

The Managing Director is responsible for establishing procedures for ethical behaviour of employees and consultants and for investigating potential violations. He also determines what integrity standards we expect from our business partners. To report Code of Conduct violations or for advice, contact the Helpline, whether online, by fax, or by mail.

KTN's board of directors has ultimate oversight of compliance issues. The board ensures the implementation of the integrity code within our organization and advises management on all ethical matters. Directors also approve policies regarding the prevention of bribery and corruption and the use of certain high-risk suppliers.


Michaël Van Laer
CEO / Managing Director

Alexis Paternottre

Integrity violations

Employees and outside parties are encouraged to speak up or report any concerns or suspicions that the Code is being violated.

For more information or to send a violation report, please click here.

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